Welcome to BrilliantBot.org! My name is Drew, and I am a mechanical engineer from Michigan. This site, still currently in progress, is meant to be educational for both you and I. They say you haven't truly mastered something until you can teach it to someone else, so that is what I will do. As I struggle with my own projects, I will list them here so that you may learn from them. I will go in depth into all the details as well as give background information (or at least a link to background information) if needed, so that you can complete these learning projects in half the time it takes me. Here is some of the projects I will be teaching you how to do! Just hover over a video to view it (if it doesn't work click somewhere off the screen a few times, such as the text in the paragraph, then try again), and click on the video or picture to see the project.

This is a reinforcement learning agent. I didn't hard code any commands into this guys play.

Our AI is Green. He learns how to do this completely from scratch using reinforcement learning!

A short video of the AI kicking my butt in tic tac toe! The AI is X, I am O. This agent uses tabulated reinforcement learning. See how he traps me?

  The way this website is structured is this; I mainly focus on artificial intelligence and robotics, there's a link to each section at the top of the page. In each of these sections, I will have a couple of pages that go over the theory then the rest will be projects. I absolutely recommend reading the theory first, then do the projects that I suggest in these theory pages. The learning will happen when you apply the theory to these suggested projects.

  Currently, this site has more projects in artificial intelligence. So, if you are interested, I would suggest you start there. My hope for the future is to have a full page of electronics projects as well, and eventually link the two fields to create artificially intelligent robots. I am an avid self learner, and want to help the other people out there like me. Artificial intelligence is a growing, seemingly mysterious, field that should be accessible to anyone interested. The future is going to be full of absolutely incredible creations that rely on some of the theory I explain on this website! My goal is to make that future come sooner, by both reinforcing and sharing my knowledge on the subject.